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Somewhere a cleaner launch

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

On Sunday we launched our new poetry anthology, Somewhere a cleaner. The launch was hosted by the Labour MP Ibrahim Omer, who worked as a cleaner himself when he first arrived in Aotearoa New Zealand as a refugee. The launch was held in the Grand Hall at Parliament and attended by over 40 of the contributors to the book, and also their friends, family and supporters. The launch, like the book, reflected the wealth of culture and spirit of the cleaners involved. It also reflected the very real struggle that cleaners have to be heard and seen and to exist financially on a cleaner's wage. We hope that Somewhere a cleaner will help these cleaners be heard and this will give them greater strength.

The launch was MC'd by Bee Trudgeon and started with karakia and waiata led by Anthony Tipene-Matua and speeches by Adrienne Jansen our publisher and editor, and our host Ibrahim Omer. This was followed by poetry readings by the poets themselves. And finished with a rousing song by Don Franks.

Above. The poets each received a locally made soap as a thank-you (as well as a writers fee!).

Above. Mele Peaua reciting her moving poem on being a cleaner. We stand in solidarity with you Mele!

Above. Ibrahim Omer draws on his experience of being a cleaner to explain how important this cause is for all of us. Standing near him is MC Bee Trudgeon.

Above. Adrienne, Wesley and Claudia sold out almost all of these beautiful books! Perfect for Christmas! Spread the word! And don't worry, if you missed out, you can buy your copy right here on this website!


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