Keel & Drift

“Acclaimed author Jansen's latest is, by turns, playful and well-crafted. The poems provide wise counsel on carrying a knife, the pleasures of surfing, the inspirations discovered in old photographs, the small delights mined sitting in a waiting-room and much more.”

Siobhan Harvey, New Zealand Herald 


“Adrienne’s poems engage fully with the world … when I think of them, I hear the finesse of the lone kayaker who appears in a couple. Because that’s how they observe, challenge and love the world. With finesse.”

 James Brown, poet


Distributor: Nationwide
Format: Pb 82 pp
ISBN: 9780473362515


Keel & Drift

  • Adrienne Jansen

    A girl carries a tray of eggs on her fingertips, a man plays a cello in a field, a woman buys a carpet sweeper – these moments of everyday life are deceptively simple. Underneath, something else is going on – a sense of mystery, an awareness of impending death, a wry view of human nature.


    The poems in this collection tell a story, offer an insight or capture a moment of lyrical beauty. Together, they invite the reader to pause and pay attention. Adrienne invites those who aren’t natural poetry readers to find new ways to think about poems and perhaps even enjoy one or two.


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