More of Us

"I also loved anthologies such as Landing Press' More of Us (edited by Adrienne Jansen with Clare Arnot, Danushka Devinda and Wesley Hollis), which I found myself bookmarking almost every second page of. For these editors and others, part of their work is not just reading through submissions, but actively seeking out and encouraging new voices, and it was obvious to me during this process what a profound and cheering effect they’ve had on local literature."

– Hera Lindsay Bird, Best New Zealand Poems


"My favourite moments of this collection are the declarations of a state of being or state of longing, sometimes as straightforward as ‘A big house’ by Plae Reh, in which the writer just lists all the things he’d have if he were rich (‘And in my kitchen I would have / a huge fridge.’ I feel this). Every time a poem opened out into such a moment, its understatement and often wryness was strikingly beautiful to me."

– Ashleigh Young, The Spinoff


Distributor: Nationwide
Format: Pb 90 pp
ISBN: 9780473463496

More of Us

  • Ed. Adrienne Jansen



    Families, language, fear, loss, food and the victories that can come slowly. These are at the heart of this collection of poems by 46 poets who have come to New Zealand as migrants or refugees.


    The poetry book More of Us provides a glimpse into the experiences of this diverse group of people, which includes those who made New Zealand their home decades ago, and newcomers still finding their feet. And here they all are, speaking in their own distinctive voices.


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