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More than a roof

These poems give us an intimate portrait of what home and housing means to a wide range of New Zealanders, introducing emotions ranging from nostalgia to trauma to joy. A welcome respite to the endless editorials on the housing crisis and who is to blame.

 – Vic Crockford and David Zussman, Community Housing Aotearoa


A house, a home, to be homeless, to be at home in the world… I guarantee you’ll be moved by the stories in this collection, lavish in its multiplicity of voices. It’s beautiful and heart-warming, and at times it will move you to tears. A wonderful read. 

– Bernadette Hall


If you become homeless, you either give up or you move on. These poems remind me of times when I had to make that choice, to give up or move on.

–  Ab Strac


"We all know we are in a time where there is a lot of homelessness, more so now than ever. This [book] is a really good opportunity to give a voice to those who haven't had a voice".

– Kris Gibb, Wellington City Mission, RNZ


What the media is saying about More than a roof


Distributor: Nationwide
Format: Pb 222 pp
ISBN: 9780473593629

More than a roof

  • Eds. Adrienne Jansen


    Joan Begg, Rebecca Chester, Wesley Hollis, Roman Ratcliff


    Available from 20 November 2021.


    More than a roof is about housing. 


    It’s about nostalgia, anger, contentment, longing, fear and much more. It brings together voices from across the spectrum – from those with no homes, those in emergency accommodation, in caravans, in cars, on boats, in rentals, or in their own houses.


    Drawing together well-known writers and first-time poets, it’s a unique and timely collection.

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